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[notice] Welcome!

So all the other Epik High communities haven't been updated in almost a year ( no offence to them..) so i decided i'll create a new one ! hopefully people will recongise this soon enough before their long antcipated comeback!

All information here will come generally via (the only international forum for Epik High , unless stated of course.

Here are some basic rules:

  1. Posts must be related to Epik High
  2. If you're posting something make sure to give credit and source if it does not belong to you
  3. Don't use weird tags as in make sure they have to do with your post
  4. Be respectful of everyone and obey the people who are in charge of this forum
  5. If your post is toooooooooooooo long please use an LJ cut
  6. Advertisements are okay . as long as they have to do with Epik High
  7. If you're only making a post re-directing to another site please at least write a few sentences what you're linking people to.

Staff needed:
  • Translators - if you're able to translate articles from korean to english please email us at
  • Graphic makers - if you're able to create userpics,banners etc just comment below
  • Bloghoppers & media - if you're good at finding anything really fast comment below
  • Zeroboard - if you have experience with zeroboard send an email to
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